The default username and password to login is “admin”. If you’ve changed and you forget, you have to reset the default device manufacturer’s original.



NOTE: If you reset the device, the device will return to the default settings the manufacturer and all previous settings will be lost.


Step 1: Turn off the router.

Step 2: Hold down the reset button on the back panel of the router. Then power up the router. (Do not release your hands from the router reset button while turn up, and keep for about 6 ~ 10 seconds after turning on the router).


Step 3: Take your hands off the device reset button and wait for reboot



  1. Make sure the router is powered on before it restarts completely.
  2. The default IP address is And logins default username / password is “admin”.
  3. Make sure your computer’s IP address to the same subnet as the device. Ie the IP address of the computer that has the form 192.168.1.x (about 2 ~ X 253) and the subnet mask is “”. Default gateway is and that is the IP address of the router.