is an IP address usually set as the default login address with your ADSL modem, and it’s also used as default management address of some big brand routers. These router producer companies integrate management panel within routers so as to setup and configure routers very easily. You can login with this address to change routers’ settings such as configure WIFI settings and diagnose connection problems.

How to setup your router with
First, you need to login your router with, usually the username is ‘admin’, and sometimes router companies provide a second username for browsing all functions only. After you get the full authorization, you can access the management panel to setup many major functions, such as Router username and password management, Wireless network setup and configuration, Local network management and IP address arrangement, LAN, WAN, WLAN settings, ADSL setup, MAC setting, etc. Now the most popular setting part is wireless network setup, at the panel, you need to configure WIFI name, access code(WEP, WPA or WPA2), don’t forget to setup a complex password.